Get More Job Interviews

We’ve spent the last 10 years gathering data on how our resume writing format converts online applications into actual face to face interviews.

The purpose of the resume is to get you interview phone calls. The more phone calls you get, the more face to face interviews you’ll get, and finally more job offers.

Some of our clients have gone from 2 phone calls per month to 12 calls a month after using our service. Again, the more phone calls you get the more interviews and job offers you’ll receive.

"It’s about maximizing your opportunities!"

Just a few of the things we focus on

– We make sure your resume is ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compliant. This is crucial, as over 99% of large companies use an ATS. An ATS basically is a scanning and categorising software that will take many resumes and rank them in order of merit. Only the top ranked applicants will have a human actually read their resume.

– We understand the Analyst, Database, Project Manager, and IT job markets, we optimize your resume with the exact keywords that will push your resume up the ATS rankings.

– Approximately 25% of resumes are ever read by a human. We have to make sure that when they do read it, they get the information they need quickly so that they put you in the “Call” pile. We’ve tested many ways, and we know how to do this.

Our Process

1. You email us your current up to date resume. Don’t worry about how it’s formatted, we’re going to completely re-write it.

2. We read your resume. We email you a list of extra things that we believe are missing on the resume, you’ll need to email them to us.

3. One of our resume writers will completely re-write your resume with all the information you’ve sent us.

4. You can send us another email, with any questions you may have and we’ll answer it.

About Us

We Believe That Continual Learning Is The Basis For Success

SQLSteps was started by a group of professional SQL Server Instructors who could not find a decent and affordable online training solution for their own students.

Armed with a deep understanding of the process of rapid Step-by-Step skill development, we have developed courses that will engage and challenge you; ultimately giving you the skills you need to move forward with your SQL projects and careers.

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