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We have two levels: SQL Query Writing & Fundamentals OR SQL Intermediate to Advanced

SQL Query Writing & Fundamentals
Level: Beginner to Intermediate Hours: 25 hours approximately
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  • 1. Databases - An Overview
  • 2. SQL - An Overview
  • 3. Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server
  • 4. Retrieving data
  • 5. Working with Multi-table Queries
  • 6. Using SQL Functions in Queries
  • 7. Grouping Data
  • 8. Create, Modify, Delete Tables & Databases
  • 9. Manipulating data in a Table
  • 10. Work with Views and Stored Procedures
SQL Intermediate to Advanced
Level: Intermediate to Advanced Hours: 40 hours approximately
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  • 1: Working with Query Fundamentals
  • 2: Querying Multiple Tables
  • 3: Implementing Aggregate Queries
  • 4: Combine and Compare Datasets
  • 5: Working with Transactions and Locking
  • 6: Work with Data Types & Creating Tables
  • 7: Implementing Data Integrity
  • 8: Using Advanced Query Techniques
  • 9: Using Programming Objects
  • 10: Working with Triggers and Views
  • 11: Improving Query Performance
  • 12: Working with Indexes and Partitions
  • 13: Working with XML in the database
  • 14: Working with SQLclr and Filestream
  • 15: Using Additional Functionality
  • 16: Implementing the Service Broker
  • 17: SQL Server Manageability Features
  • 18: Tracking Data Changes
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We Believe That Continual Learning Is The Basis For Success

SQLSteps was started by a group of professional SQL Server Instructors who could not find a decent and affordable online training solution for their own students.

Armed with a deep understanding of the process of rapid Step-by-Step skill development, we have developed courses that will engage and challenge you; ultimately giving you the skills you need to move forward with your SQL projects and careers.

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